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I am a PT and healthcoach that works locally in Halmstad, Sweden and online. I have clients from all over the world, getting stronger, healthier and living a more fulfilling life. I have over 10 years of experience as a trainer, I am an expert in sport psychology, nutrition and exercise. I focus on clients that want to improve the quality of life and at the same time wants to become a more optimized human being. 
If that is you, don't hesitate to contact me. ​I accept cryptocurrency as a payment.

​Your health is my focus

​The coaching is focused on optimizing your health, to provide you with the tools, knowledge and experience to construct and preserve the change. We work  together by adding small changes that evolves into habits and is easy to sustain.

​Habit based nutrition

​We ​create small changes in your ​foodintake to optimize the effect and make the changes sustainable, easy going and effecient. We aim at changing as little as possible whilst gaining the results you search for. We focus on the major health improving dietary aspects and build guidelines that fit your desired lifestyle and ideology.

​The workout plan

​The main goal is to build a strong and sturdy foundation that will allow your body to properly function for the rest of your life. The base is to build up enough stability, balance and mobility to enable you to execute your desired tasks. To build a functional and strong body that will be of your assistance in any situation. All workouts will have videos and descriptions of how to complete them and of course your plan will have a smart progression to ​make sure you get the best results.

​Delivered with a smooth app

​The nutrition, workout plan and coaching is delivered through a web based app for your convenience. You will each day get an e-mail with todays workout and you are able to log your workouts to easily remember what load you are used last time. You can ask the coach anything  and get the proper feedback through the application. 

Online coaching, what's that?

Online coaching is a great way to interact with a coach, build a plan, follow up on it and get the progress you are urging for. ​I have an ​app ​where you can see your workours, log them and communicate with me. It works smoothly on all devices.  You will get a plan for your nutrition, exercise and health in general. ​​My goal is to help you reach your goals as smooth and ​efficient as possible.

  • You will get help setting achievable and effective goals
  • You will get a behavior based nutrition plan
  • You will get a progressive workout regime based on your current level of fitness and goals. 
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    Online support through private app
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    Feedback on training, nutrition and health overall
  • ​Continious plan
  • ​For your entire team
  • Detailed workout plan
  • Continuous nutritional coaching
  • Daily e-mails with workout plan
  • Videos of all excercises
  • Progression for optimal results

$200 per month

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Currently I accept Dash, Bitcoin and EOS

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